By Evelyn Wong

Thousand Oaks, CA x Sylvester and Reva

Kira Kids, Siblings in Thousand Oaks

 For weeks, Sylvester and Reva (almost 7 and 4 years old) have been counting down the days to their birthdays!  Since welcoming their new baby brother into the world, these siblings have even more reasons to celebrate in their neighborhood of Thousand Oaks, California! 

We adore their mother Madelon, who kindly shared her favorite local spots to visit!

Kira Kids, Siblings in Thousand Oaks Kira Kids, Siblings in Thousand Oaks

"We love to go outside, to explore California as much as possible. We are originally from Europe and when we decided to move we promised each other to go out and see as much from this beautiful environment as possible! 


Kira Kids, Siblings in Thousand Oaks

Wildwood Park is one of our favorite parks because it is so close and it keeps taking your breath away. It doesn't matter how often you go. It feels like you reached the end of the world!

The kids love collecting stones, running around, climbing on everything, and getting dirty. 

Kira Kids, Siblings in Thousand Oaks Kira Kids, Siblings in Thousand Oaks

Besides Wildwood Park, these two also love to go to Zuma beach in Malibu at the end of the day. They'll play for an hour or two and eat fish at Sunset Restaurant afterwards. They have the best view on the sunset. 

We also have year passes to Underwood Farms where we visit to pick strawberries, see animals, and play. Of course, we go there to pick a pumpkin around Thanksgiving and find Easter eggs at Easter. It's a great place for kids and I still secretly hope to run into Kim and Kanye there one day..."

Kira Kids, Siblings in Thousand Oaks

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