By Evelyn Wong

Phoenix x Imogen and Loyal

Imogen (3) and Loyal (2) are two siblings from Phoenix, AZ who love all things sweet and yummy. They took us on a trip to their favorite local shop called "Nami," where they fill up on donuts and soft-serve! 

Sarah Rhodes, their mama, tell us: "We are super fortunate to live in a very walkable neighborhood, with lots of cool little locally owned spots nearby! One of our favorites is called Nami (short for tSoynami). It's a vegan place that offers soft-serve, baked treats, and a coffee bar! Since we have a dairy allergy among us, this place is like heaven. And their donuts are amazing!"

Kira Kids, Yay Sweatshirt Kira Kids, Yay Sweatshirt

Their favorite things off the menu? Blueberry fritters and also the soft-serve with cherry pie toppings!

Kira Kids, Space Onesie

Oh, and we are blushing! Sarah raves about Kira Kids: "For starters, how mean is it that you can't get this Yay sweatshirt in adult sizes!? It's so soft - even after washing, it doesn't pill. It seems to get better with age. Imogen loves it and wears it way too often. Hah! She seriously pulls it out of her drawer to wear every day. I love Kira Kids clothes because they're so cute, but the kids are comfortable playing in them. It's such a fine line to walk - wanting cute clothes for your kids, but wanting them to be practical too, and that's one thing I think Kira Kids does incredibly well. They're long lasting pieces!" Sheesh, thank you, Sarah!

Kira Kids, Space Onesie

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